electrical stimulation

Five Benefits of Electrical Stimulation

Dr. James Zuccaro at Winter Springs, FL, uses electrical stimulation in his chiropractic care to help his patients find relief from chronic pain and improve their muscle movement.


Benefits of Electrical Stimulation

Promotes Recovery

Electrical stimulation encourages increased blood flow to your injured area and thus speeds up the healing process.

When an injury prevents movement a body part, electrical stimulation is often the best method to stimulate muscles, so they contract and relax. This process stimulates natural movement that might be restricted after an injury.

This therapy also strengthens muscle memory or the associative link between the brain and muscle movement. As a result, patients can return more quickly, which allows patients to get back to their normal activities faster.

Prevents Muscle Atrophy

After an injury, a lack of movement can cause a decrease in muscle mass or Muscle Atrophy. Several medical conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) benefit from electrical stimulation. In many ways, the muscles remain active even when a person can’t activate them on their own.

Improves Muscle Health

There are many health benefits that electrical stimulation offers, especially during the injury rehabilitation process. It is difficult to strengthen and tone muscles during a recovery period or due to extended periods of immobility. Overall muscle health is important to remain active.

Encourages Relaxation

Dr. Zaccaro knows that we all live in a stressful world. Sometimes a chiropractor uses electrical stimulation instead of massage therapy to offer the same relaxing results. This encourages the body to produce endorphins which in turn improve mood. Contracted muscles also improve blood flow which relieves aching and sore muscles.

Helps Athletes

Athletes often find that electrical muscle stimulation is helpful after vigorous physical activity. Using this after workouts reduce swelling and leaves the athlete feeling more energized.

Electrical stimulation can also prevent injuries. By using electrical stimulation therapy, an athlete experiences less muscle stiffness. Low-level electric currents warm muscles while not in use and therefore decrease the likelihood of muscle injury during the following athletic activity. 

Discover the Effectiveness of Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electrical stimulation offers a range of benefits from relieving stress to relaxation to healing injuries. Chiropractic electrical stimulation has total body advantages that positively improve your overall wellbeing.

To learn more call Dr. Zuccaro in Winter Springs, FL, (407)-790-4745. He can help you master your pain through non-invasive electrical stimulation therapy.



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